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Dr. Rona Silkiss

Dr. Rona Silkiss

Dr. Rona Silkiss is chief of oculofacial plastic, reconstructive and orbital surgery at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. She is board certified in both ophthalmology and pediatrics. Dr. Silkiss received her medical degree with honors from the Feinstein School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago. She completed both her residency training in ophthalmology and fellowship training in oculofacial plastic surgery at the Jules Stein Eye Institute.

Is tearing and discharge after tear duct surgery an indication that the procedure wasn't successful?
If my molluscums are treated will my blepharitis go away?
Is my mother’s eyelid problem related to her Wernicke-Korsakoff?
Can frontalis suspension surgery cure dehisence ptosis?
Can I have blepharoplasty if I have narrow angles?
If I had a retinal tear corrected three years ago, is it OK to have lower lid surgery on my eyes?
How long is recovery from eyelid cryotherapy?
Is it safe to use products to tint your eyebrows?
Will insurance pay for eyelid surgery if it is affecting your vision?
Can my pink eye be causing a droopy eyelid?
What is the best product to clean your prosthetic eye with?
What is the best method to flip my eyelid and remove my ocular lithiasis?
Should I get an eyelid surgery for my migraines?
Will honey eye baths harm my eyes?
Can a hemangioma near the eye be treated?
How do I treat poison ivy on my eyelid?
Is it safe for me to have eyelid surgery if I have a macular pucker?
A year after an accidental scratch on the inside of my eyelid, I still have pain sometimes. Can this be treated?
After my eyelid surgery, when will the swelling and scarring go away?
If I choose to not have surgery to correct ptosis (drooping eyelid) now, will it adversely affect my vision in the future?
Is cosmetic eyelid surgery safe after shingles in the eye have healed?
Will my daughter’s burned eyelashes grow back?
Is there any type of surgery that can allow someone to close their eye and blink normally after a serious eye accident?
Will a coloboma (a birth defect that results in missing ocular tissue) on infants ever go away later on in life?
My 11-month-old has been prescribed glasses. Can a baby wear glasses?
Is my eyelid supposed to be slightly over my iris?
What causes eyelids to feel so heavy that they want to close all the time?
My son cut up a jalapeño pepper and touched his eye while wearing contacts. Should he throw his contacts away?
Is it unusual for a surgeon to be able to perform both strabismus and ptosis surgeries?
I'd like more information about spring surgery for eyelid problems.
Sometimes one of my eyes blinks slower than the other.
Is surgery to remove pterygia and pingueculae safe?
I have noticed that my eyelids are less visible. I have also noticed that I seem to see better when I lift my lids manually. Could this be a side effect of Botox?
What concentration of tea tree oil should my son use to treat Demodex (mites) in his eyelashes?
Can a fracture in my eye socket be fixed?
I have swollen eyelids caused by giant papillary conjunctivitis and have stopped wearing contact lenses with little improvement. Can you recommend additional treatments?
I do not have any hair on my body due to alopecia. I have no eyelashes and I have noticed that my eyes are sensitive to bright lights. Do you think that's because I have no eyelashes to protect my eyes?
Will stem cell or gene therapies bring cures for congenital ptosis (drooping of the eyelid that can limit vision)?
What are the possible complications of eyelid surgery?
What parts of the eye constitutes the lid margin?
My 6-year-old seems to have a freckle on his lower eyelid. Is this common?
Is it normal for the underneath of my top eyelid to be a white color? The inside of my lower eye lid is also pale.
Will my grandson's drooping eyelid get better with time, or should we do something?
My eyes were very itchy a couple days ago and I kept on rubbing them. When I woke up this morning, two days later, my left eye was swollen and it really hurt every time I blinked or touched the corner of it.
Since being diagnosed with Bell's palsy (3 months ago) my face is sensitive to fluorescent lighting. When I am in a room with this type of lighting the left side of my face feels like it is burning and then my left eye goes twitchy. Why is that?
Can the final shape of the eyelid be controlled during blepharoplasty?
How do you treat an eye infection/irritation due to eyelash extensions (glue)?
What might be the cause of upper eyelid twitching (myokymia) lasting on and off over several months?
If one has a capillary hemangioma located inside their upper left eyelid, is it possible to have it removed?
If I suffer from ptosis on the left eye and I would like to delay surgery, how else can I strengthen my eyelid muscle?
About eight months ago, the inner corner of my right upper eyelid was itching, and then it started swelling.
Our 10-year-old son just had brain surgery and due to swelling he cannot open his left eye.
I'm interested in non-surgical treatment for upper lid retraction. Is this available?
My 10-year-old son is losing his eyelashes.
My mom has had several strokes and is diagnosed epileptic.
I was told the reason I got dry eye is the lid does not close all the way.
I have a swollen upper eyelid, which is very droopy and sore.
Is an eye stroke easy to diagnose without an eye angiogram or MRI?
How is ptosis in babies cured?
If I have my face lasered to get rid of the rosacea, will that prevent my eyes from getting rosacea again in the future?
My mum had shingles in her ear which caused facial palsy.
Are there any safe and effective nonprescription eyelash growth enhancers?
My 20-month-old grandson has a black mole on the inside of his lower eyelid by his tear duct. Do we have reason to be concerned?
I had a stroke in July 2011. I can see but cannot move my eyeballs. Is there any treatment for this?
I have read about the frontalis sling method for ptosis repair and I wanted to know if it will work for me.
My 4-year-old son had eye muscle surgery on both of his eyes three days ago. Since then he refuses to open them.
Is there a way to fix an eyelid droop due to chlamydia?
I have fatty deposits on the outer edge of my eyes. It is affecting my vision. Is there a possibility of surgery to cut out fatty deposits?
I am 15 years old and this morning I noticed my eyelid was sagging a bit. What is happening?
Please advise on what to do for relief of eye pressure build-up from Graves' disease.
What eye conditions are treated with blepharoplasty?
What can be done to treat recurring eyelashes from growing and rubbing against the eyeball?
Does dermatochalasis influence traction on the retina?
I suffer from moderate congenital ptosis that is not affecting my eyesight, yet my eyelid involuntarily droops completely when I feel shy or embarrassed.
I have had ptosis for over 30 years. I am now 87 years of age. Are there more risks than benefits for eye surgery to correct the problem?
Where can l get help for my 24-year-old daughter who has blepharochalasis which is affecting her daily life?
Is it safe to have ptosis surgery if you have had Bell’s Palsy?
My 20-year-old granddaughter has a drooping eyelid.
Can chalazia cause a permanent droopy eyelid, or ptosis?
What can be done about exophthalmos? I have double vision and was diagnosed with thyroiditis/hyperthyroidism.
I am 56 years old and have been wearing an artificial eye since 1962. At the moment the eye glass looks very small and falls off sometimes. How can I replace it?
Is there a contact lens that could be prescribed for my right eye to match the color of my left?
I have double vision. Would prism glasses (like the ones Hillary Clinton wore following her concussion) help me to see?
I am having trouble with double vision and have Graves' disease. What can I do?
I have Marcus Gunn jaw winking syndrome.
I had my left eye removed in 1958. The doctor placed an implant in the socket at that time.
Would Ocuvite for adults 50+ be OK to take for someone with a mild case of Graves'?
I was just wondering if it is safe to use olive oil as an eye makeup remover?
I am 63 years old and in the last few months have been having trouble with my eyelids just closing for no apparent reason.
I have a prosthetic eye and I have been using the same eye drops (Alcon Enuclene) since I was 1 year old and I am currently 22 years old.
Over the past couple of years, I have noticed that my left eye appears to be open less than my right.
I was born with Bell’s palsy on the left side of my face and my left eye has never closed at night. I am 66 and it has always run but now it seems to run more.
I am blind out of my left eye due to retinal detachment and cataract. Can I have my eye reopened and fixed to look like a normal eye even though I am blind?
I poked my right eye lid and now it droops over my eye. Can this recover on its own or will it require surgery?
My right eyelid swells sometimes in the upper left corner. When the swelling goes down it gets tight and makes my eye seem small due to the fact that my eyelid is tightened.
What is the name of the condition when your eyelid starts to grow over your eye?
I had my left eye removed last month due to a large chordial melanoma. Why can’t I open my eyelid over the conformer?
Is it possible to have eye lid surgery if I suffer from dry eye?
Is it possible to be a surgeon with impaired depth perception?
I've developed a lazy eye following surgery. Is there anything I can do to fix it?
Is bilateral eye twitching/spasms common in newborns?
How successful is muscle surgery for esotropia?
What can cause loose ligaments in the eye?
I will be having surgery for droopy eyes. How soon after the surgery can I drive or do my usual bending over and such?
What could cause an area of my eyelashes to disappear? My left upper eyelid has an area that has lost its lashes. Is there any preventative or curative measure to take?
What is the surgical procedure for eyelid ptosis? Is a general or local anesthetic used?

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