Ask an Eye M.D.
Dr. Richard G. Shugarman

Dr. Richard Shugarman

Richard G. Shugarman, MD, is a comprehensive ophthalmologist in West Palm Beach, Fla. He received his medical degree from the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He completed his residency at Baltimore Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital and a fellowship in ophthalmology at Shands Hospital at the University of Florida.

Could conjunctivitis spread through looking into the eye of an infected person?
Can I wear one contact lens for reading instead of glasses?
Can an eye doctor test for autoimmune disease or does it have to be a primary care doctor?
Can you get double vision if you're blind in one eye?
Can dry eyes cause glare while driving at night?
If I have a bacterial eye infection do I need to wear a patch over the eye?
I accidentally looked at the sun very briefly. Have I damaged my eyes?
Can I get contact lenses that act like sunglasses?
What should I do for itchy eyes?
Why does my vision get blurry after reading for 30 minutes?
Can I use a damaged contact lens?
My 9-year-old son has a -1.25 prescription—how severe it that for his age?
If I have Parkinson's (a disease of the brain that causes shaking) do I need to see a special eye doctor?
Can throbbing eye pain be a symptom of dry eye syndrome?
Is it OK to drive myself home following pterygium surgery (removing a growth of fleshy tissue on the white of the eye)?
How Close Should Security Be Seated to their Monitoring Screens?
My 2-year-old likes to wear my reading glasses at home. He thinks it's funny, and frankly, it is cute. But he'll keep them on for long periods of time. Can this hurt his eyes?
My son is 7 years old and he reads only when his eyes are very close to the paper. What should I do?
What can I do for pain in eye from a sand particle? I have washed out my eye with little relief.
As a spray painter who uses no eye protection from latex paint spray mist, what health problems am I exposed to?
Can stress worsen Adie's pupil? Are yoga and massage therapy recommended treatments?
Can you swim with pink eye?
Can I watch TV and play computer games if I have macular edema due to a car accident?
What type of trauma can cause a fixed pupil? Can it be repaired?
When my husband removes his eyeglasses, round objects appear to be oval. Do you know what causes this?
I have poison ivy in my eye. What should I do?
Can I wear contacts after my retinal tear surgery?
What procedure is used for removing blood from the back of the eye? My husband is diabetic and is growing new vessels because of the bleeding.
Do you recommend that women remove their eye makeup before either they themselves or a nurse or MD instills eye drops?
I see an optometrist for my glaucoma. Is this OK?
I have a chalazion. Can I use epsom salts in the warm water compress?
Many face creams/lotions say avoid eye area, so how do I moisturize my eyelids?
What is stereopsis?
What makes the skin area around the eyes black?
I have a pterygium in my right eye. Can it be removed by using lasers instead of conventional surgery?
One of my eyes looks smaller than the other but I think it’s just sitting back more in the socket than the other. Are there any exercises or treatments to bring the eye forward?
I get eye crust every morning and in the afternoon too (without taking any naps). Is there a way to stop that?
My daughter has been getting recurring styes in her eyes, which eventually become infected.
Is it safe to put cold-pressed castor oil in my eyes?
Why do I get shooting pains in my eyes when I get migraines?
Is there such a thing as contacts that you wear at night and take out during the day and can see normally?
If my eyesight has improved since last eye examination and I still need glasses, can I keep the glasses I already have or should I use new ones to suit my improved vision?
Are ultra-sonic cleaning machines safe to use on gas permeable lenses?
Can you use erythromycin or vigamox on a stye?
My baby is 8 days old and all of a sudden his eyes are really watery, puffy and gone red. What is the meaning of this?
I have been experiencing rapidly pulsating dots of color in the bottom right corner of my right eye for about two days.
Why do I feel my vision vibrate when I close my eyes? I also feel like my vision makes me dizzy? What could this be?
I injured my right eye with a pen at the age of 3. The cornea was lacerated and the lens had to be removed.
My boyfriend was in a bad car accident and in the accident his cornea was cut. He had surgery to repair it but because of severe nerve damage they are unsure if he will be able to keep his eye.
What could cause eyebrow pain and swelling?
My 3-year-old daughter has been blinking her eyes more than normal for about two months now. What could it be?
How long after having your eyes dilated can you use artificial tears?
The clear coating on my eye is torn. Does this require treatment or will it heal on its own?
Should I see a doctor after wearing colored contacts that caused my eyes to burn?
Can contact lenses covered in shower gel harm your eye?
I’m 25 and have been told I have symptoms of amblyopia in my right eye. I’m confused as I thought it was generally a pediatric disorder. What may have caused this and what is the treatment?
Is non-purulent pink eye contagious?
My grandson is one day old and the pediatrician found a cyst on one of his eyes. They said something about lancing it or possible surgery. What is this and is it dangerous?
My left eye lens has been burned by viewing the solar eclipse. I cannot see properly through this eye now. Is there a treatment for this?
If I have surgery for floaters in my eye what is the recovery time and what is the success rate of the surgery?
What has caused my eye color to change from dark brown to green?
Is there a preferred brand of contact lenses for those that suffer from dry eye?
Why does my teenager have eye pain when watching TV, using the computer, or playing video games?
What is the cause of a vibration I see in my peripheral vision?
What is the probability of developing retinal tears/detachment after onset of floaters and flashes (posterior capsule detachment) has occurred? Should I seek a second opinion?
Is there a device on the market that would help someone with a tremor to insert and take out contact lenses?
My husband was diagnosed with blepharitis. Will his eyelashes, currently facing down, go back up again on their own?
I have got this strange problem; the picture I get into my right eye is approx. 30-50% smaller than the picture I get into my left eye. Both pictures are otherwise perfect.
Is there a permanent cure for ocular herpes?
I can see clearly out of either eye but when I look out of both eyes, I have double vision. It is like looking through binoculars when you see two images as you cannot get the eyepieces exactly right. What could cause this?
Can a chalazion occur on the inside of the eyelid causing irritation to the cornea?
My doctor informed me that without contacts or glasses, I am legally blind. What does this mean?
What are the options for correction or reduction of high myopia?

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