Ask an Eye M.D.
Dr. Ivan Schwab

Dr. Ivan Schwab

Ivan Schwab, MD, is a corneal specialist and a professor of ophthalmology at the University of California Davis School of Medicine. He received his medical degree from the West Virginia University School of Medicine. Dr. Schwab then completed a residency in ophthalmology at California Pacific Medical Center and a fellowship in corneal surgery at University of California San Francisco in 1982.

What's the treatment for filamentary keratitis?
I have corneal vascularization and have never worn contacts. What are other possible causes? What are the treatment options?
I have extreme intermittent pain in my right eye near the nasal part. Is there a sinus problem?
Can you get a yeast infection in your eye?
I have an oily film/fog that covers my rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses the minute I put them in.
I have been told that a corneal transplant is not an option for me. Is that correct?
I have Fuchs' dystrophy and am concerned that my daughter may inherit it, since it is autosomal dominant.
I have pink eye and the doctor gave me erythromycin ointment which I’ve been using for 3 days, but it is still red. How long does it take before it starts clearing up?
Could a niacin flush have an effect on the pigments in the iris causing a discoloration that results in lightening or darkening the eyes?
I was out all day hunting in the white snow. Now colors don't seem right—reds are browns and it’s making me nauseous.
I have red in my eye from what may be a popped vessel and am experiencing some pressure there that goes away and comes back. Is this a major problem?
My 2-year-old has always had very large pupils. Is it normal for some children to have very large pupils? Can this be a sign of any other problems?
Twice my son has lost his peripheral vision. It lasts for about 30 minutes and then goes away. He sometimes has a headache afterwards.
I have had perfect vision all my life. Since turning 50—I am now 53—I have gone from needing no glasses to having to use a 2.50 reading glasses for working on a PC and using my phone.
I was diagnosed with many calcium bits in both eyes. What treatment is there for this?
How effective is corneal collagen cross-linking for keratoconus?
I suffer from map dot fingerprint dystrophy. Do you have any suggestions on how to avoid flare-ups?
Can you define corneal pannus? What is the treatment?
I'm a 28-year old-woman in California. About a week ago I woke up with a faintly bloodshot left eye that felt bruised around the top ridge (as if lining the socket internally).
What is the problem if you have bilateral redness around the bottom rim of both irises?
How do you treat pink eye in a pregnant woman?
My husband has darkened skin around his eyes like a raccoon and it goes down toward his cheeks.
I suffer from dizzy spells that cause me to lose vision, lasting only a minute or two but a couple of times a week. What kind of doctor should I see?
What's the impact of overcorrecting a prescription?
I am suffering from Sjogren’s syndrome. Currently I am using Eyemist Forte, but it isn’t helping. Can you suggest other medications?
Is a mole in the eye a medical condition?
I have a tiny transparent bubble on the rim of my lower eye lid. What is this and why does it occur?
My 3-year-old has two black spots on top of one of her eyes in the white part. Is this something I should worry about? I just noticed them today.
Should I use eyedrops to treat a subconjunctival hemorrhage?
Is it possible that exposure to cleaning products five years ago caused permanent damage to my eyes?
What causes the pupil to move from the center of the iris?
I have no vision in my right eye due to amblyopia. I’ve been told I need a corneal transplant on my left eye due to herpes keratitis scarring. Can I transplant the cornea of my non-functioning right eye to my left?
What credentials should an eye surgeon have to perform eye muscle correction?
I have a nevus on my eyeball that I've had all my life. Is it safe to have it removed?
What is recurrent corneal erosion?
What causes constant blinking?
Can testosterone cream be an effective agent against blepharitis if applied to the eyelids?
Can an ophthalmologist perform a brow lift or does it have to be a plastic surgeon?
When I close my eyes, usually within an hour they feel like I have applied glue to my eyes. I have to apply a warm washcloth to my eyes to open them. I have applied drops, but this doesn’t help. What could be causing this and how is it treated?
I was diagnosed with a macular cyst. What causes this? Does it usually mean surgery?
What are the precautions to be taken to prevent recurrence of herpes virus in the cornea?
I have a transparent jelly like glob on my right eyeball. I tried to move and pull it out and was startled when it, didn't move, but instead caused some discomfort.
I had my corneal transplant some years ago - is it okay to have that eye dilated?
Is eye pain common post LASIK surgery? How long does the cornea take to heal after LASIK?
I have a cloudy spot on my cornea and I’m 20 years old. What could this be?
What Is Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy? And what does it do?
Do contacts cause floaters to become larger and more frequent? Do they also aid in the beginning of flashes?
I have many floaters and am considering laser treatment for their removal. What are the pros and cons for this surgery?
I am having a full corneal transplant done next week and wanted to hear positive results from people but all I hear is that it gives you double or quadruple vision.
I scratched my eye while taking out a contact lens. My thumbnail was longer than I expected, and somehow I scratched the white part of my eyeball. Of course, it is bloodshot now, and a little irritated.
I want to get colored contacts, but I do not wear any right now. How do I find out my eye size?
Is cross linking a safe treatment in keratoconus?

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