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Dr. Michael X. Repka

Dr. Michael X. Repka

Michael X. Repka is a pediatric ophthalmologist and professor of ophthalmology and a professor of pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He received his medical degree from the Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University and completed his ophthalmology residency at Wills Eye Hospital. He subsequently completed a fellowship at the Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute of Johns Hopkins Hospital.

What does my daughter's vision screening fail mean?
Can my son's droopy eyelid be causing his lazy eye?
Will my strabismus come back after surgery?
Are volunteer groups' school vision screenings good enough?
Would brief exposure to light from a projector harm a child’s eyes?
Will a four-year-old who wears prescribed glasses still need them when grown up?
Can strabismus in a two-year-old be treated with glasses?
How is conjunctivitis (or pink eye) in infants treated?
I had strabismus as a child and now notice a yellow pupil in photographs. Should I be concerned?
Can my toddler's myopia be reversed?
My husband obtained a lazy eye after an eye injury and multiple surgeries. Now our newborn was born with one and it’s the same eye. Is there a chance she inherited it from him even though he wasn't born with it?
My 5-year-old son has been complaining of seeing green dots in his eyes.
Which eye disorders can be associated with fetal alcohol syndrome (a range of disorders caused by alcohol exposure while in the womb)?
Is there a rapid test for pink eye that can help differentiate viral from bacterial conjunctivitis, like a rapid strep test?
Is it possible to check the eye sight of a 2-year-old?
I regularly get conjunctivitis. Can this point to a more serious underlying problem?
My daughter has cataracts from steroid treatments. Will they keep getting worse?
My daughter has astigmatism (imperfectly shaped cornea) and ocular albinism (lack of color in the eye). Would dark glasses help her vision?
Are there any possible visual or eye-related side effects or risks associated with Vyvanse® for ADHD?
Is it OK for kids to read in the car?
Does spending 24 hours in total darkness hurt your eyes?
Are colored cosmetic lenses safe?
My 5-year-old son has Ehlers-Danlos III and had an eye exam today as I had seen a clear thick film near the corner of his eye (not on the pink part).
My 7-year-old daughter says that every once in a while she sees a white hexagon shape in her vision.
For adult eye alignment, are small prisms in the lenses a treatment solution when eye surgery didn’t help?
My three-year-old son got hit with a stick in the eye and the emergency room advised us that he has a severe cornea infection.
My 4-year-old was just prescribed glasses for farsightedness. He refuses to wear them.
My 7-month-old child was diagnosed with a unilateral macular scar.
Why does my right eye take half an hour to refocus after close work (e.g. reading, sewing)?
Can glasses or strabismus make ocular dominance testing inaccurate?
Do babies need 50 times more light or 50 times less light to see what an adult sees? Also, do babies see color at birth?
My daughter is 11 years old and at her last eye exam with an optometrist, we asked about what looks like a blood blister on her lower lid.
Is ripping of the muscle during a strabismus surgery normal?
Could high altitude affect esotropia?
My son just stated that his sight was "wonky". When I asked him to explain he says although I am sitting in front of him (4 feet away) it looks like I'm farther away. Should I be worried?
My son can't open his eyes. He has been sick the past couple days with the flu and now he can’t open his eyes. They are not red nor do they have discharge but they are extremely sensitive to light. What might this be?
My prescription has changed to add prism because of double vision at times. The doctor says it is a "muscular problem." Are there any exercises I can do to strengthen the eye muscles?
My 23-month-old son has what I think is a depth perception problem. His eyes aren’t "lazy" and I don’t see any cloudiness. We need help as he runs into things that are right in front of him.
Can prism glasses help center my lazy eye and correct my astigmatism?
Is the refractive power of a monofocal IOL based on the refractive power of eyeglasses currently worn at the time of cataract surgery, or is the calculation for the IOLs based on a totally different criteria?
I‘ve had very sore eyes for over a month. I work outdoors and wondered if eyes can get sunburned.
I heard that floaters can now be removed by blasting them to small particles and vacuuming them out.
Are styes in the eye contagious?
My son had an eye exam and when his eyes were dilated he had no peripheral vision from his midline down on his right eye. What are possible causes?
What is your recommendation on surgery for a clogged tear duct on a nine month old? Massage has not worked.
What is the best way to test preschoolers for eye alignment?
Can you explain the risks of amblyopia for a child with symmetrical congenital genetic cataracts not getting surgery? My 1 year old son was diagnosed with congenital cataracts in both eyes. What are the risks with him not getting surgery?
I have a two year old, when he watches TV he can't stop blinking and he wipes his eyes constantly like there is something there. Should I be worried?
What could be the cause of hemorrhaging behind my six year olds eye?
Are pink eye and conjunctivitis the same thing?
My daughter is 5 years old and has recently mentioned then complained about floaters in her eye. Is this normal?
Could you give me the definition of low vision or visual impairment? My son has had two surgeries for diabetic retinopathy and is able to pass the eye chart test but still has blind spots and "angular" vision in one eye.
Hello, I’m from Argentina and my son who is 13 years old, was knocked with a soccer ball in his right eye and my ophthalmologist said that he lost the vision in 80% of his eye and there’s nothing he can do!! What do you recommend?
I have a question about my 1-year-old daughter whom I accidentally elbowed in the left eye, then suddenly a red spot occurred in her sclera. Is there a cure to treat the red spot? Please give me a guide to cure the red spot.
Is there a medical cure (gene therapy, laser, etc.) for children's blindness caused primarily by ROP? My kid is now 13 years old born prematurely and suffered ROP.
My 12-year-old son has been prescribed glasses for myopia. If he does not wear his glasses, will his eyes deteriorate further?
My 4-year-old son just had his check-up and he has 20/100 vision (myopia). I have heard of eye exercises such as shifting focus using a pencil, etc. Are they effective, or at least not harmful to his health, including his vision?
My daughter was diagnosed at age 5 with strabismus and through patching, her eyesight is now 20/20 in both eyes when wearing her eyeglasses (she is now 8). We are at the last stages of wearing the patch, down to two hours, twice per week.
My friend’s newborn was diagnosed with congenital ptosis. She can barely open her right eye. My friend has been told that the baby will require surgery by 2-3 years of age and that the right eye is good.
My grandson is 3 1/2 years old. He has amblyopia and strabismus. He was not keeping the patch on his good eye so the ophthalmologist gave my daughter drops to put in his good eye. He also wear glasses. His bad eye seems to have straightened out.
My son is six months old and he has blocked tear-ducts in both of his eyes from his birth. I have visited a couple of doctors, they recommend to have a surgery.

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