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Dr. W. Barry Lee

Dr. W. Barry Lee

W. Barry Lee, MD, FACS, is a board-certified cornea specialist practicing at Eye Consultants of Atlanta and Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta. He received both his medical degree and ophthalmology residency training at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Ky. Dr. Lee completed a cornea and refractive fellowship at the University of California, Davis. He is a graduate of the AAO's Leadership Development Program and currently serves on the AAO's Skills Transfer Committee and Ophthalmology Technology Assessment Committee.

I have dry eyes—can zyrtec for allergies cause this?
Can Vectibix (a drug used to treat cancer) cause keratitis of the eye?
I’m 64 years old. Can I get LASIK?
Can microcornea be treated?
Can a corneal infection affect your brain?
Is blade-free LASIK more beneficial (clinically or otherwise) than the traditional flap procedure?
I had radial keratotomy performed several years ago, can I get LASIK done now?
Can you tell if I have diabetes or high blood pressure by looking at my eyes?
Can the infection from a stye get to my heart? I have a prosthetic aortic valve, so I’ve been told to be careful about infections.
Is ortho-k gentle corneal reshaping (orthokeratology) safe?
Is it possible to get eye damage from the slit lamp test?
Why has the outer layer of my eye started sliding and wrinkling?
How long does it take the eye to heal after removal of a nevus (a mole on the eye that is typically harmless) on the surface of the eye?
What can cause a fully rotated astigmatism (irregularly shaped cornea)?
Can a refractive error be the cause for recurrent styes?
What is the best method to measure visual acuity?
Do I need to rinse and rub disposable contact lenses with solution when I take them out of the package?
My daughter, 18, just went to the DMV to obtain her driving permit and could not pass the eye exam with one eye.
Can I continue to wear my contact lenses while treating pink eye?
Is the degradation of depth perception an inevitable result of aging?
Can a person who had cataract surgery in 1981 without lens replacements have lenses implanted now?
What should be done if I need to increase the power of my current IOL?
What can I say or do to convince my doctor that I want my cataract surgery done now?
Why are multifocal IOLs not recommended to correct cataracts of adults with strabismus?
Is it safe to remove a toric intraocular lens two weeks after it was implanted?
What causes inflammation after cataract surgery?
Is the toric multifocal available yet in the U.S.?
If I have a posterior capsulotomy performed on my eyes would this have any effect on my floaters and eye migraines?
Why have the whites of my eyes taken on a blue/green hue?
Can contact lenses melt to a person's eyes from looking in a fire?
Which kind of laser vision correction is right for me?
If you have astigmatism in one eye do you always have it in the other eye?
Can a cataract increase the pressure within the eye?
If you have astigmatism prior to cataract surgery that is not corrected during the surgery, are you any more likely to have a posterior vitreous detachment (PVD)?
I have been told that I must stop wearing my contact lenses for two to four weeks prior to my cataract surgery.
I saw streaks coming off all of the lights while I was driving at night in new glasses. Why?
Is it normal for some people to not be able to open their eyes enough to have LASIK preoperative measurements taken?
How do you treat an over-corrected limbal relaxing incision?
Will I be able to adjust to a 4 diopter difference between my eyes after cataract surgery?
Can I have cataract surgery if I've had herpes simplex in my eye?
Is it possible to have a LASIK eye surgery if you have glaucoma?
Which generic anti-inflammatory prescription eye drop does not raise intraocular pressure?
Can you wear contacts if needed after LASIK vision correction?
I had cataract surgery two years ago on my right eye but rather than improve my vision it actually seems worse to me. Could there be something wrong with the IOL?
If I’m experiencing floaters and flashes, can I still have cataract surgery?
What's best color of light to read by? White or yellow? Or to have on in the house?
I am having cataract surgery and have astigmatism. Can I have a non-toric lens inserted?
If you are nearsighted and chose to have your cataract lens set for "near" vision ("14 inches"), will your distance vision in that eye without glasses be worse than it is now, the same, or better?
How does pregnancy affect LASIK?
I have MS and have had double vision in my right eye. What eye diseases or problems (besides optic neuritis) are caused by MS?
I have beginning symptoms of Fuchs' dystrophy and do not wear contact lenses due to the discomfort and dryness. As a Fuchs’ patient, is it possible to consider LASIK as an alternative?
What is the normal healing time following an astigmatic keratotomy and what normal side effects should one expect?
Do eye drops used to numb the eye for an examination drain into the nasal and sinus cavities? If so does that present a health risk?
Is smoking marijuana harmful like smoking cigarettes for the AMD patient? What is the reason smoking is bad for the eyes? Is it the smoke or the nicotine in the blood stream?
I had an accommodative lens placed in one eye. What are the ramifications if I opt to have a monofocal lens placed in the other eye?
After getting diagnosed with conjunctivitis, how long do I have to wait to wear new makeup so it won’t spread to my eyes again?
I have macular degeneration and had cataract surgery about 3 years ago. My eyesight has worsened and I've been advised to have a YAG laser capsulotomy. What are the risks and/or benefits for someone with macular degeneration?
Is surgery possible for adults with amblyopia?

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