Ask an Eye M.D.
Dr. Andrew Iwach

Dr. Andrew Iwach

Andrew Iwach, MD, is a glaucoma specialist in San Francisco. He received his medical degree from the University of California Los Angeles and did his ophthalmology residency at Stanford University. He completed a glaucoma fellowship at the University of California San Francisco.

Can injectable testosterone elevate eye pressure?
What is the treatment for "Mixed Mechanism" glaucoma?
Can tight-fitting goggles raise eye pressure and cause glaucoma or other damage?
For glaucoma treatment, why would "bleb" surgery be the first course for surgery over shunt surgery?
What is your opinion of the Trabectome surgical device for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma?
My eye pressure was measured at 25. Should I be concerned?
At what stage of glaucoma is surgery the only option for controlling eye pressure?
A bug flew directly into my eye and I'm not sure that all of it came out.
I have been diagnosed with narrow angle glaucoma and it has been suggested I have laser iridotomy. With this type of eye condition would I be able to have LASIK eye correction?
How does the thickness of the cornea affect eye pressure?
I went for an HRT3 eye scan today but during the scan they said they couldn't continue as it wasn't giving them the information they needed
Is it possible for the eyes to become dependent on artificial tears?
Are cataracts preventable and how do you make the diagnosis as opposed to other vision disorders?
Is it OK to fly with a previously laser-repaired retinal tear that was a result of trauma?
I think my daughter has an eye bigger than the other. Is this common? I think she has congenital glaucoma after reading online about it.
My daughter, 32, and her daughter, 14, both have been diagnosed with glaucoma recently. There is no family history thus far. I am wondering if there could be something in their environment
I’m a 43-year-old man, and I can’t even remember the last time I had my eyes checked. My vision is terrific. Do I even need to get an eye exam?
I was diagnosed with glaucoma three years ago, and so far I’ve been doing okay. I have to use the eyedrops my ophthalmologist prescribed every day, but sometimes I forget for a few days. Is it alright to miss a few days with the drops?

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