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Dr. Gary Hirshfield

Dr. Gary Hirshfield

Gary Hirshfield, MD, is a comprehensive ophthalmologist in New York City. He received his medical degree from Yale Medical School. He completed his internship at the Beth Israel Hospital of the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and his ophthalmology residence at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.

Can caffeine withdrawal affect your vision?
If you have thinning of the retina should you have cataract surgery?
If you have laser surgery for cloudy vision after cataract surgery (posterior capsulotomy), is this considered cured or can this recur a second time?
How long can pink eye "live" on surfaces?
Will Medicare and my insurance help pay for my toric lens implant for astigmatism?
How soon can one drive after cataract surgery?
Are there any new, proven treatments for negative dysphotopsia?
Can I have cataract surgery without lidocaine?
Will the LED headlight I use damage my retinas?
Is it possible to retain my monovision after cataract surgery?
What are the complications that can occur when cataracts are removed from an eye that has had a corneal transplant?
Is it normal to see things in the wrong size after cataract surgery?
Is analysis by an Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) machine necessary for cataract surgery after LASIK?
Can I have a lens implant if I have a brace following a detached retina?
When after cataract surgery can PCO be treated by YAG? And when can I swim again?
Can a person have cataract surgery if they are allergic to steroids?
If my intraocular lens shifts eight years after my cataract surgery, can an adjustment be done by laser?
Can I still have cataract surgery if I have a sore throat, earache and sinus pressure?
How can I tell if a vision problem is from AMD or cataracts?
What is a safe waiting period to have cataract surgery after a vitrectomy for a detached retina?
Should I avoid multifocal intraocular lenses if I’m at risk of AMD?
Is there an eye drop to reverse the result of eye dilation drops?
Can I wear my right contact lens in my left eye? I have astigmatism in my left eye but ran out of contacts.
Before having cataract surgery, can I get tested for sensitivity to the three lenses that are used in surgeries?
Is it safe to smoke marijuana before and after cataract surgery?
Are flashes of light in my vision a sign that my intraocular lens is failing?
What drops can be used to treat bacterial infection in children under 2 years old?
Is it safe to use contact solution to rinse out your eyes?
Can medications like Geodon or lamictal cause or worsen astigmatism?
Is it possible to be allergic to intraocular lenses?
Besides the cost, what are the disadvantages of having cataract surgery to remove a cloudy lens when my vision hasn't worsened enough to warrant insurance paying for the surgery?
Does marijuana help cataracts (a clouding of the eye’s lens)?
One week after cataract surgery I have 20-30 vision. What is the possibility that it will improve further in time?
Can you have cataract surgery with a corneal abrasion (a scratch or scrape on the cornea)?
I recently had surgery for a cataract. What medicine can I safely use for seasonal allergy rhinitis (an irritation and inflammation that occurs inside the nose)?
Is it possible for intraocular pressure to lower from 25 to 15 without medication or surgery?
How important is it if you've squinted during refraction/measurement tests in preparation for cataract surgery?
Will my mother's blood thinner medication affect her cataract surgery?
Before cataract surgery, is the measurement for the IOL taken with the current contact lens in place or is it removed before measurement?
What is blood vessel growth in front of the eye called?
Is there any danger from leaving refractive errors (a focusing disorder of the eye, which includes nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism) uncorrected?
I have a high myopia (nearsightedness) of -22 in my right eye and -24 in my left. I’m 21 and I have been using thick glasses. Are contact lenses available with this prescription?
Is it possible to get an eye infection from E. coli?
Can the eyes be negatively affected by arthritis?
My 2-year-old has one blue pupil and the other has no pigment. Should I be concerned?
Are cerulean blue eyes a guy thing?
I have a nerve condition (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy / Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and have been dealing with blurry vision, double vision, floaters and halos. Could this be something from the nerve condition or something else?
I have herpes keratitis. My friend was just diagnosed with shingles. Will this compromise my condition?
I have an infection in my eye that I believe is a form of keratitis. What medicine do I need to get over the counter to help me?
Can an 'enlarged' iris be repaired or replaced?
Once I have lost vision from bacterial keratitis will it ever return?
Is there a hereditary syndrome that causes cloudy vision after cataract surgery?
Are there doctors who specialize in multifocal issues after implantation?
Is glaucoma testing a simple routine for a thirteen-year-old?
Is it possible to be colorblind in one eye only?
Can I wait a month to have a macular hole repair surgery?
I was in an auto accident and the airbag deployed in my face. Since then my near and far vision has been blurred.
Can the shape of lenses (rectangular versus oval) undermine the effectiveness of a prism?
Since my cataract and lens replacement surgery I've been having a problem with distance vision while driving.
How soon will I be able to work after cataract surgery?
What's your opinion of the I-Brite eye whitening treatment?
I was diagnosed with Stargardt disease. What is the pigmentation behind the retina that causes frontal visual disruption?
My eyes hurt at night when I close them to sleep and then try to open them. This has been going on for a few weeks. Should I see a doctor?
I had a flash of very bright light that completely covered my vision in my right eye that lasted 5 minutes.
My girlfriend accidentally punched me in the eye and my vision is distorted.
I have been told I have photopsia. Can you tell me what this is and what causes it?
I have a half-moon spot of yellowish/cream color at the top of both eyes in the iris.
How does high blood pressure affect vision?
Is there any surgery or treatment available for Leber's eye disease?
Last night my mother was experiencing an extreme throbbing in one eye throughout the night. Can this be associated with her macular degeneration?
Since she started losing her vision, my mother has been experiencing hallucinations. Is there any treatment for this?
I've been rejected as a pilot after my medical evaluation, because my corneas aren't thick enough. How does this hamper flying performance?
Can corneal transplantation be successful if you’re diabetic?
I have an extremely lazy eye. My eye doctor put a prism in my good eye and none in my lazy eye lens. Is this normal?
If the birth mother of my son is monochromatic color blind (she only sees in gray scale), how likely is it that my son will be color blind?
Can I use antibiotic drops and moisture drops together?
My 73-year-old father has been diagnosed with dry AMD. Should I start taking an AREDS supplement?
I have been experiencing some eye pain, burning, blurry vision and mucus.
I have been diagnosed with macular pucker and while the distortion that I have is not severe, it is nevertheless somewhat annoying, particularly when driving.
How long after exposure can pink eye appear?
I had an unfortunate accident at the hair salon.
I am looking for empirically-based recommendations about the diagnosis and treatment of "visual stress syndrome" and Irlen syndrome.
Have you ever heard of sleep apnea causing glaucoma?
What do you think about adjustable-focus prescription eyeglasses which allow the wearer to adjust the focal distance of the lenses at any time while wearing the glasses? Do you recommend these glasses?
I am suffering from extreme photophobia since my recent cataract surgery and YAG laser procedure.
I used the Trans Derm Scop patch for motion sickness and have had blurred vision and dilated pupils for three weeks after wearing it.
What could cause an adult to see bright, revolving orbs of light at the sides of both eyes, intermittently, every day, sometimes even with eyes closed?
How long does it take for bacterial keratitis to heal with eye drops?
Can histoplasmosis make you go blind?
What are possible complications from pinguecula treatment?
How early does diabetes affect the eye? At what age should we do diabetic eye screening?
What would cause my bleb to enlarge?
I have arcus senilis and slightly bloodshot eyes. Is there a treatment for reversal of the cholesterol in my eyes? Also, can I eliminate the red veins?
I have a red, slightly itchy rash around the skin of my eyelids—is this a possible allergic reaction?
My daughter has had a stye that reoccurs in the same lower lid.
Can conjunctivitis cause your eyes not to dilate?
This question seems really trivial after reading all of the other questions but here goes: my husband and myself are extremely nearsighted and our 3-year-old likes to read herself to sleep every night. Will this cause an undesired strain on her eyes?
My 7-year-old boy tells us that his vision gets blurry so he has to pop his eyes (stretch them wide open without using hands) to clear things up.
I have a 9-year-old niece with high myopia of around -15 D
I'm 20 years old and I haven't been to an eye doctor for over five years.
Do you know of an eye wash/rinse—usually applied with an eye cup—that is okay to use if I have dry eye syndrome?
I have several cysts on my left lower eyelid. My ophthalmologist has stated that he's had limited success with draining these because they always seem to refill. Does this sound accurate?
My 4-month-old daughter is opening her left eye less than her right eye. What might be the problem?
I sometimes have spells (15 min to several hours) of double vision where the image of the left eye is displaced diagonally from that of the right.
What does it mean when one pupil dilates and the other does not?
For some time I have been seeing blue horizontal lines. If I look at square wire fencing the top and bottom are blue. Occasionally short straight lines become quadrupled, or more.
After recently having a stye in my right eye, all the swelling has gone completely and there is no soreness or redness, but a little lump still remains in the eyelid. What could this be?
What might explain episodes of dilated pupils?
If you wear an outdated pair of contact lenses, can it harm your eyes?
Once a PVD has occurred, can the floater cause any long term damage to the eye as it floats around and will the floaters eventually disappear?
What the cause of a large optic nerve?
Does light sensitivity in a young child with a diabetic type one condition mean there may be another problem parents should know about?
Is Avastin a valid treatment for floaters in a 94-year-old male?
What is the difference between a bleed and a leak in the setting of AMD?
I’m an African-American and am writing because I wondered what’s causing the whites of my eyes to become brown.
Why is it that when I look through one eye everything seems lighter
I have glaucoma and am being treated with prostaglandin eyedrops after having had laser iridotomy in each eye. Can I continue being a platelet donor as I have been for the last few years?
Is it safe to use Restasis for dry eye? Are there any side effects in long term use? Are punctal plugs a better method?
Can blepharitis cause blurriness in vision?
Can blephorplasty cause blepharitis?
I have keratoconus on both eyes. In 2008 I had collagen cross-linking done but these days many doctors have told me about the intrastromal rings (intacs). I would like to know your opinion on this surgery.
I have chronic posterior blepharitis that affects my daily living and work life. Aside from hot compresses two times daily, flax seed and omega 3, is there anything else I can do? I am 56 and this condition has become debilitating since menopause 3 years
Does swimming in a pool have any long term effects on dry eye syndrome?
what is ocular histoplasmosis?
Hello I have a misaligned eye that goes inward. How can I resolve this matter? I’m a 39-year-old male.
I have bifocal transition eye glasses. Do I need to purchase some other type of sunglasses? Because they change with the light, I'm thinking I don't , is this true?
I am 56 years old. Can crossing of the eyes be due to extreme fatigue? I'm having trouble keeping my eyes straight and focused.
Since 3D movies are readily available are prescription 3D glasses available? If not, are they on the foreseeable horizon?
How can I stop the spasm on my eyelids? First it was one eye, then both of them. And now it's in different places around the eye. I am only 40 years old. Thanks!
I have a red mark on my eye that got bigger. I have been told it is bloodshot but it has been in my eye for two days now, I woke up and noticed the mark, it stings when I blink and I touched it and it really hurt. Can you help? Thanks.
I am 54 years old and my eyes have been diagnosed with dry eyes and the doctor put me on Restasis prescription which I have been on for about six months now. Will I have to be on this forever?
I have been told by a woman that her doctor instructed her to take fish oil or flaxseed oil gels, for "dry eye" problems. After two weeks of taking one 1000 mg flaxseed gel daily, her dry eye problems have diminished.
Hi, I'm 39 years old and I am legally blind in both my eyes. The glasses I wear are very thick and I want to know if I am able to wear contacts? If so, are they going to be expensive?
I have a problem at night playing team tennis. I cannot see the ball until its almost over the net. What kind of glasses can I get for night vision? Would this also help with night driving? (I do not require any corrective measures for my eyes.)
I have lower eyelashes on one eye, growing inward toward my nose and up rubbing on my sclera, causing irritation particularly when reading or doing close work. Any suggestions? Thank you.
I have tested yearly lenses versus monthly lenses. Now I have to choose again. The monthly are twice as expensive as the others, but are supposed to allow more oxygen to arrive to the cornea. Is it true or just marketing?
My husband is 55 years old and only needs glasses to read. How often should he have an eye exam?
My husband's eyelids top and bottom have been peeling and swelling and crust over. What could this be?

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