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Dr. James M. Heltzer

Dr. James M. Heltzer

James M. Heltzer, MD, is a glaucoma specialist in Bethesda, Md. Following undergraduate studies at Brown University, Dr. Heltzer earned his medical degree from the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He completed his ophthalmology residency at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco and received fellowship training in glaucoma at Tufts-New England Medical Center/Ophthalmic Consultants in Boston.

In addition to his private practice, Dr. Heltzer serves as a clinical instructor and attending surgeon at the Georgetown University/Washington Hospital Center residency program.

If I have extreme eye pain soon after taking the eyedrops called cyorfloxcin, what should I do?
Can a tono pen give a reading as accurate as a Goldman's Applanation tonometer (pressure-reading device found in doctor’s office)?
Can I wear my right lens in my left eye until my new contacts come in?
How soon after a YAG PI (laser peripheral iridotomy) can I fly a 7-hour flight?
Would salt in my diet increase my eye pressure?
Do amphetamines affect pupillary dilation?
Do people wear glasses for mild refractive errors such as mine?
Do ophthalmologists avoid cataract surgery on highly myopic patients?
Is it normal to feel lightheaded after cataract surgery?
How soon after cataract surgery can I wear my contacts?
How will getting a near-vision IOL implanted during cataract surgery affect my distance vision?
How will my prior LASIK procedure affect cataract surgery?
Is laser peripheral iridotomy the best treatment for "narrow angle" glaucoma?
Should I have a laser peripheral iridotomy because I travel often?
My father has glaucoma. Am I at risk of it?
Fluorescent lights affect my vision. Is there something I can do to help with the cloudiness and glare from these lights?
Is it OK to rub and touch your eyes?
How quickly does a YAG capsulotomy (a procedure to remove clouding after cataract surgery) improve vision?
How is a "target" IOP determined?
Is acupuncture a good treatment for glaucoma?
Is there any need for follow-up visits with my doctor one year after my cataract surgery?
If a cataract is removed while you have Fuchs' dystrophy, will your Fuchs' get worse?
Can Pred Forte usage elevate intraocular pressure (IOP)? Also, how long after stopping Pred Forte will the IOP drop back to normal?
Can cataract surgery be done on a patient who has diabetes?
What is the frequency of medical follow-up for glaucoma after argon surgery?
Can drinking green tea have an effect on intraocular pressure?
Until I have surgery for angle-closure glaucoma, what risks does airplane travel pose?
My 1-year-old grandson has bilateral cataracts. Physician suggesting implants but says he will need thick reading glasses as well. Can you help me understand the rationale?
Does prolonged steroid use affect vision?
How do eye drops relieve pressure when you have glaucoma?
My eye pressure is 6 in one eye after surgery. I was told there is nothing I can do to raise the pressure. Is this true?
I wanted to know if it's safe to wear two pairs of contacts at the same time.
My brother has cataracts. He was told he has exfoliation of the left eye and that a new lens might not heal properly and could have to be removed. Should he have the cataract in the left eye removed?
My husband flies a small airplane which is not pressurized. I have glaucoma.
I'm 50 and have high myopia (-11) in both eyes and have been using contact lenses for over 25 years. Are there any treatments I should be seeking out for my high myopia?
My Ahmed shunt has become uncovered twice. What is the next course of action?
I see a wavy light in the peripheral vision of my right eye. What's causing this?
Can pink eye spread if two kids take a bath together?
Is it safe to have my cataract surgery done with a recovering ear infection?
Should I be concerned about a possible relationship between blood pressure medication and glaucoma?
Is there surgery that can repair an optic nerve damaged by glaucoma?
Can I still wear contact lenses with early-stage glaucoma?
How risky would it be for me to proceed with cataract surgery while I still have a slight vitreous detachment?
I’m having a lump on my bottom eyelid removed and the eye doctor said he has to send it to the lab to be examined under a microscope to see what it is. What are those people called?
What is a technician in an ophthalmologist's office trained or permitted to do to and for the patient?
I have plateau iris and had a laser iridotomy performed four weeks ago.
I was diagnosed with high pressure in my eyes. Could certain cholesterol medications be the cause?
Why would there be some loss of peripheral vision when the eye pressure reading is satisfactory? I had a small hemorrhage several months ago. Could that be a factor?
How long should contact lenses (hard, RGP lenses) be discontinued before cataract surgery measurements are taken?
Can you have cataract surgery on an eye that has had a corneal transplant?
I have had filters put in my eyes for glaucoma and now I need to have cataracts removed. Are there any risks to undergoing cataract surgery with the filters in place?
What is a xanthomas and how is it treated?
If you have macular edema that is being treated by injections, can you drink wine?
I have map dot fingerprint corneal dystrophy and I'm concerned that routine eye exams may cause flare-ups. What can I do?
I have just had laser treatment and am using Azopt and Zioptan drops. Will they interfere with the 2MG Coumadin I take daily?
My doctor measured my cornea thickness and said it was thick enough to deduct points off my eye pressures. Is that true?
Will pink eye damage my lens implants?
I've had Bell's Palsy, and am about to have cataract surgery. Should I be worried and are there any precautions that I should take?
My mother is 90 and she recently had her cataracts removed. They placed lenses for one eye far away and one for close. Is there an easy way for her to get used to using one eye for each?
Can a stye begin as a red spot just inside of the lower lid?
If I have my cataract lens set for distance, can I use contact lenses for reading without blurring distance vision?
Can a slit lamp exam detect glaucoma?
What is vertical diplopia an indicator of?
What are the risks of cataract surgery when wet and dry AMD are present?
My wife has glaucoma and is on many medications for it. She has had 3 cornea transplants and the third one is taking hold, but her vision is unstable. Lately she has been seeing images that are outlined in red.
What is the incidence of retinal tear or detachment after a sudden onset of PVD following an iridotomy?
Is it normal for your eye to be red after laser surgery to lower the pressure in your eye?
Does alcohol affect eye pressures?
I had laser treatment for narrow angle glaucoma two weeks ago. I’m now experiencing light sensitivity in that eye and my eye continues to water and is red. How can I treat this?
I’m experiencing the symptoms of eye sensitivity to light, pain under my eyeball, pressure on my eye, and difficulty keeping my eye open. Do these symptoms point to anything that can be a cause of major concern?
Is dilation required for the regular check-up of an 11-year-old who has mild myopia?
Is it possible to get an accurate exam with someone who is not able to follow instructions?
I cut the white part of my eye with my sharp fingernail and now there is a blood spot. Will it be OK or should I see an Eye M.D.?
How many types of glaucoma are there? I've been told I may have a more rare type of it. My only symptoms are loss of peripheral vision.
I had glaucoma surgery and developed scar tissue. Now there is a bleb that will not heal. Can this harm my vision?
A bluish-gray discoloration in the white of the eye is a symptom of what?
What can be done for a 10-year-old who just discovered he had a lazy eye?
If a person's eyesight is all right but he or she is not able to open eyes in normal day light, what sort of disease is this?
What is the reason for different colors of cups or hoods of eyedroppers?
Is there any blood in a nevus?
Can cataract surgery make my macular degeneration worse?
How do you remove whiteheads and red scaly bumps from your eyelid?
My 7-year-old son has been involuntarily looking up toward his eyebrows. I asked him why and he said his eyelids are tired. It's happening almost constantly now. What is this?
Can sunlight glare from snow cause AMD or contribute to it?
When I look at a grid the lines look wavy. Is that a problem?
Does the time come when a person waits too long to have a cataract removed?

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