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Dr. Michael Gilbert

Dr. Michael Gilbert

Michael Gilbert, MD, is a nationally recognized refractive surgeon and cornea specialist in the Seattle-Bellevue metropolitan area. Dr. Gilbert received his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine. He then completed his ophthalmology residency at Tulane University, and a cornea and anterior-segment surgery fellowship at the Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University. He is a trustee of the Washington Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons, as well as a leader on medical, ophthalmic and quality improvement committees at both the state and national level.


My right eye has developed two big brown spots on the white of my eye which is very annoying to me. They're not hurting or causing any vision problems, yet, I can't stand having them for a beauty reason.
What are "normal" results of an eye exam? Other than 20/20, what are normal axis and sphere numbers.

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