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Dr. David F. Chang

Dr. David F. Chang

David F. Chang, MD, is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and completed his ophthalmology residency at the University of California, San Francisco, where he is currently a clinical professor. He has a private practice in Los Altos, Calif., that is limited to cataract surgery. He became president of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery in 2012 and is chair of the American Academy of Ophthalmology's Cataract and Anterior Segment Preferred Practice Pattern® Panel. Dr. Chang is the author or editor of four best-selling textbooks on advanced cataract surgical techniques and artificial lens implants.

Could a small amount of steroid cream in your eye cause cataracts?
After cataract surgery I have a feeling that there's "something in my eye." Could the intraocular lens be too large for my small eye?
Can cataracts result from certain vitamin deficiencies, like beta carotene?
Can you have cataract surgery to remove a cloudy lens when you've already had detached retina surgery in the past for the same eye?
I have ocular rosacea (an inflammatory condition affecting the skin and eyes) and need cataract surgery to remove a cloudy lens. Are there more risks?
Is it common to feel dizzy and nauseous after cataract surgery?
I recently had the ReStor lens put in my left eye and even though my right eye still has a cataract, I can now see perfectly without glasses. Can I just have a regular lens put in the right eye instead of paying for a ReStor?
After cataract removal in one eye, would I be experiencing nausea and dizziness until the other one is done? Could both be done at the same time?
Can you have a posterior capsulotomy done more than once in the same eye?
Can I wear contacts for golf after cataract surgery?
Is my double vision after a long flight a side effect of cataract surgery?
Do you ever see congenital cataracts in the elderly?
Are posterior subcapsular cataracts (PSC) often caused by steroid use?
I have mild cataracts. Can I get LASIK while having cataracts?
Can optometrists diagnose cataracts?
I'm in my early 20s and was diagnosed with a cataract.
How soon after cataract surgery can I swim and practice yoga?
What are the risks associated with a posterior capsulotomy?
If I have some macular edema can I get a cataract removed?
Following cataract surgery, are generic medications OK to use rather than name-brand medicine?
Is it true that with early-stage cataracts, it will be difficult to fine tune my glasses prescription?
How soon after having cataract surgery in one eye can you have it done on the other eye?
Can cataract surgery be done if a person has a macular pucker?
For cataract surgery, my ophthalmologist highly recommends using the laser to create the incision over the traditional method. How much of a difference does it make and is it the safer alternative?
Is it advisable to have an IOL inserted if you also have glaucoma and use Cosopt drops?
My husband has glaucoma and is developing cataracts. He’s had iridotomies performed to help control the glaucoma about 15 years ago. Will this interfere with the cataract surgery?
After having cataract surgery, how long might double vision persist as a side effect?
I always suffer scar tissue after any type of surgeries--even after ear piercing. Is it possible to develop scar tissue after cataract surgery?
Any alternative to cataract surgery such as eye drops or other drugs? Can N-acetylcarnosine help?
Why would my 12-year-son develop cataract in one eye and early stages of cataract in the second eye?
I had cataract surgery 3 months ago and everything went great. But yesterday I started to see a lot of floaters in my left eye
Is cataract surgery possible with a blood pressure of about 20-30 degrees above normal (systolic)?
Is it possible to develop astigmatism later in life?
My husband had cataract surgery in his right eye. We have airline tickets for a flight one month later. Is flying a risk to his eye?
When are cataracts ready for surgery?
Why are the whites of my eyes muddy yellow, brown and red when I wear makeup or am sleep-deprived?
I have glaucoma and I am myopic. Can I have safe, successful LASIK?
My eye exam states that vision in my eye is 20/500 and I can’t see anything out of it but shadows. If I have cataract surgery how much improvement can I expect from that eye afterward?
What’s the rate of success of multifocal IOL versus standard IOL for a 62-year-old who still works and needs both near and far vision corrected?
I have cataracts but am getting along well enough for now with prescription glasses. As the cataracts advance, can my glasses be made stronger periodically until I decide it is time for surgery? A relative has told me an optometrist will not prescribe
I have had two previous eye muscle surgeries for lazy eye which were successful. I recently had cataract surgery. Ever since the surgery, I have trouble focusing and my eyes are no longer straightened. Is this a common outcome of cataract surgery?
Would treatment for congenital cataracts be different for a person with developmental disabilities and if so how?
I have very blurred, severely decreased vision in one eye due to bleeding of a histoplasmosis lesion several years ago which damaged my macula. Recently, I was told that I have a cataract forming in that eye.
Is cataract surgery safe for patients above 65 years of age?

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