Ask an Eye M.D.
Dr. Louis B. Cantor

Dr. Louis B. Cantor

Louis B. Cantor, MD, is a glaucoma specialist and chair of the department of ophthalmology at the Indiana University School of Medicine. He received his medical degree from the Indiana University School of Medicine in 1980. He completed his residency at the Indiana University department of ophthalmology and a glaucoma fellowship at the Wills Eye Hospital (Philadelphia).

My eye drops for glaucoma have darkened the skin around my eyes.
Is there any way to lower eye pressure using home remedies?
Can conjunctivitis adversely affect the pressure in my eye?
Can tunnel vision be corrected? Is there a way to recover lost peripheral vision?
Will marijuana affect trabeculectomy surgery recovery?
Why does ocular hypertension increase with menopause? More specifically, why does nerve damage due to low estrogen levels increase the risk of ocular hypertension?
My 18-year-old son has open angle glaucoma. Is there a procedure that can be done to help lower his pressure from 25 and that will help to reduce some of the medications he is taking?
How long after a glaucoma diagnosis do you lose your eye sight?
Is it OK to cover up an eye with glaucoma while doing close-up work?
After sustained periods of near work it feels as if a curtain is covering my right eye.  What is it? Do I need glasses or something?
What causes high eye pressure?
My wife is 85 and has closed angle glaucoma as well as unbearable pruritus. She can’t use cortisone and steroids to stop the itch as they will endanger her sight. Can this rash be cured through other means?
Is it possible to get an eye pressure measuring device for the home that will not make direct contact with the eye?
How do I get a contact lens out from the top of my eye?
Is it necessary to have your eyes dilated at each vision check?
I have been taking Celexa for anxiety, and it has given me photophobia. Will this go away after I discontinue the Celexa and can photophobia cause permanent damage?
Can an optometrist check your eyes for signs of macular degeneration?
What is low eye pressure and does it cause any damage to your eyes?
As a glaucoma patient, is it possible to undergo cataract surgery?
Will high myopia ever stabilize and if so, at what age does this happen? Can people with high myopia expect to live a normal life and do things like drive a car and work a regular job?
Is it true that as women get older, their night vision deteriorates?
My 61 year old husband is almost blind from diabetes related glaucoma. Are there any surgical treatments available to return his vision?
If glaucoma is treated properly with medication and regular eye doctor visits can you avoid blindness? Also my doctor has recommended I have an iridotomy to help lower the pressure.
Is an iridectomy the only way to prevent closed-angle glaucoma? Are there less invasive ways to achieve the same result?
What is the difference between hereditary glaucoma and glaucoma in elders? I have family members that were born with glaucoma and their children have developed glaucoma as well.

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