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Thank you for your interest in becoming an
EyeCare America Promoter

Even if you are retired, you can still support the worthwhile cause of preventing avoidable blindness by spreading the word about EyeCare America in your community.

How you can help
As a promotional spokesperson for the program, retired ophthalmologists can provide a tremendous service to EyeCare America by…

  • Speaking with their local newspaper, radio or TV media about EyeCare America programs
  • Distributing information at health fairs, seniors centers or other community organizations
  • Giving presentations to local groups about the importance of eye health and the availability of eye exams and free eye health information available through EyeCare America.

Several times each year, EyeCare America receives offers to distribute information at local events, requests for from regional media for physician interviews, and opportunities to speak to community groups about EyeCare America and various eye health issues.

Once a retired ophthalmologist becomes an EyeCare America promoter, their name is added to an existing database of spokespeople. Should a request come in from an area where a retired volunteer resides, the volunteer will be contacted by an EyeCare America staff member to determine their availability to fulfill this request. Additionally, ECA Promoters can take it upon themselves to create their own ways to promote the program in their region by writing letters to their local newspapers or TV stations, calling local groups or senior centers to find out the best way to provide valuable information about EyeCare America and its no cost eye exam programs.

To enroll, you may:

  • Call toll-free, 877-887-6327 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. M-F, Pacific Time
  • E-mail
  • Download this form

These grassroots promotional efforts are absolutely essential in allowing us to carry out and further propel our mission. With the 25th anniversary of EyeCare America right around the corner, we are seeking to connect even more ophthalmologists to our cause.

Many retired ophthalmologists played a pivotal role in launching EyeCare America (formerly the National EyeCare Project NECP) in 1985. In 1986 the NECP was honored at the White House by President Reagan who congratulated us by saying, “This is volunteerism at its finest.”

Today we are looking to those very same physicians to continue their service by becoming vocal and visible champions for the national program that they helped start.

Thank you for your on-going support of EyeCare America!