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Grateful Patients

Over the years EyeCare American has received hundreds of letters thanking us for our services.  Listed below are just a few of our grateful patients:


“I was more than pleased with the care I got through EyeCare  America. The first visit, the doctor found I had cataracts in both eyes and one would need immediate attention. Within a month, I was doing fine after surgery. Thank you EyeCare America. This is an operation I could not have had done without you.”  

Hazel Dalton, Tellico Plains, TN


“I do thank you for the wonderful work that you do. It as been a blessing getting services I could not afford as needed.”          

Jeanette Simmons, Tuskegee, AL


“I thank you and the doctors. Without your program and the wonderful volunteer services, my life would have grown more and more limited. Thank you so very much.”

Wanita Gray, Vancouver, WA


“I had excellent care and I now have 20/20 vision and it is so very good. As I can now do all of my crocheting and knitting. Thank you all so very much for giving me my eyesight back so that I can do the things I love most, seeing my husband, children, grand children and my great grand children. They are not a blur any more.”

Melva Rayles, Warner, OK


“I thought I needed glasses. It’s a good thing I read your article. A blessing from you. I have cataracts. Thank God for you. I would have gone blind.”

Dawn Savard, Winooski, VT


“EyeCare America, I need to say thank you for helping me get help for my eyes. I was reluctant to do anything because I don’t have any resources but Medicare and thought I wouldn’t be able to pay. I had my second visit yesterday and after taking the antibiotic eye drops and ointment for a month, my eyes are much improved and more comfortable. I do not need to go back for nine months but was told I could call anytime if I needed them. They are a very caring and capable group of people and I’m grateful.”

Wilma Hayward, Corunua, IN


If you are grateful for your eye sight and would like to help others, you can make a special tribute gift.

A tribute gift is a donation made in honor of someone who has made a significant contribution — to your life or to eye care. Whether the honoree is your ophthalmologist, spouse, friend, family member, or colleague, a tribute gift is a meaningful way to honor this person. You can make a tribute gift when make your donation.

When you make a tribute gift, EyeCare America sends a note of acknowledgement to the honoree (or the honoree's surviving family), so please include the name and address of the person we should notify.

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