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Richard P. Mills, MD

  Our Featured EyeCare America Volunteer...
  Richard P. Mills, MD

   “Most of us know that warm feeling we get from lending a hand
   to someone in need as we go about our daily lives outside of
   work. Volunteering to see EyeCare America patients gives me a
   chance to receive more than I give, without leaving my office to

   Whether or not I see one or more EyeCare America patients per
   year, being a part of this program is an honor for me and all


Click here to view a personal message from Dr. Mills.


Welcome to EyeCare America's volunteer photo gallery. Click on the button below to open the pages the gallery. There you'll find photos and inspirational quotes from a handful of our dedicated volunteer ophthalmologists. We use these pages to honor those who have provided their time and clinical expertise to our EyeCare America patients. Some of these physicians have been involved in our program since its inception in 1985.

If you are an EyeCare America volunteer and you would like to provide a photo and quote for our gallery, please email them both to or

Mail to:
EyeCare America
655 Beach Street
SF, CA 94109

Or if you are a practicing ophthalmologist and you would like to be a part of our award-winning program and its 7000 volunteers across the country, visit this link and JOIN OUR TEAM!

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