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Patient Stories

A picture of a woman.

I was more than pleased with the care I got through EyeCare America.

“The first visit, the doctor found I had cataracts in both eyes and one would need immediate attention. Within a month, I was doing fine after surgery. Thank you EyeCare America. This is an operation I could not have had done without you.” 

— Hazel Dalton, Tellico Plains, TN

A picture of a woman.

I thank you and the doctors.

“Without your program and the wonderful volunteer services, my life would have grown more and more limited. Thank you so very much.”

— Wanita Gray, Vancouver, WA


Mr. Atma Tyagi, a 78-year-old patient who underwent cataract surgery, sums up his experience with the program, "My eyesight has improved a lot and I feel blessed... But for you and (my doctor) I might still be groping in the darkness and stumbling throughout the rest of my life."

Tyagi's ophthalmologist, Dr. Jerome Gabry, Silver Springs, MD, has gotten a similar sense of satisfaction by volunteering. "I'm pleased I'm able to assist EyeCare America patients so they feel they have a better quality of life. What makes volunteering for EyeCare America worthwhile is all the grateful patients."

Jerome Gabry, MD is an EyeCare America volunteer ophthalmologist and Atma Tyagi is an EyeCare America-referered patient.

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