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Partner Campaigns

Help connect your community with EyeCare America programs by displaying posters, sending out press releases or writing letters to your local newspapers. Any agency interested in informing its constituents is welcome to use the following templates. EyeCare America will include your organization name and logo to campaign flyers. Click on the links below to see sample campaign material. If you would like to partner on any of the following Monthly Campaigns, please call EyeCare America staff toll-free at 1-877-887-6327.


EyeCare America Partner Materials:

Summer Campaign: "Don't Lose Sight of Your Independence"

This summer EyeCare America is reminding seniors, "Don't Lose Sight of Your Independence." The national health campaign is intended to remind the senior community about the value of eyesight. The promotion will highlight all of the wonderful things that we all see -and often take for granted- during the summer months such as vacation destinations, beautiful beaches, national monuments, friends and family and of course a sky filled with spectacular fireworks!

The 3-month long promotional campaign runs June 1 through September 2 and encourages people to visit EyeCare America's Online Referral Center

Our Message:

This summer, call the EyeCare America Seniors EyeCare Program to see if you, a loved one or a friend 65 or older is eligible to receive a referral for an eye exam and care.


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